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Updated February 18, 2015

By Dow Smith

Southern Illinois Productions Presents for 2015:

Steel Guitars in Concert

The 2014 Show: was a great show thanks to a roster of great steel players, vocal performers, a super stage band and last but certainly not least, the fans that showed up in record numbers. Thanks to all who participated, we were able to present a check of more than $5000 to Shriner’s Childrens Hospitals.

The 2015 Show:

The Holiday Inn and Conference Center in Mt. Vernon, Illinois is our location again this year. The hotel will be undergoing some renovation and will look better that ever. Mark your calendars for the show dates; April 16, 17, 18, 2015. (The third weekend in April).

The Stage Band Players:

Ric Boyer                        Bass

Dennis Stroughmatt         Fiddle

Jeff Stoffel                      Drums

Bo Chalupek                    Fiddle

Mark Fitch                       Drums

Don Lampley                    Bass

Terry Smith                    Guitar

        Peggy Bode                   Keyboards

Joe Arview                      Guitar

Bill Toler                         Bass

John Farrell                      Bass

Chrissie Sparks Rigsby          Keyboards      

Master of Ceremonies:  Ron Head will again be our MC, bringing his special brand of humor, vocal talents and professionalism to the stage. 

The Singing Contest is on again this year!

Bob Bone of the Centralia, IL area was 2014’s first place winner! Dee Schnautze of Texico, IL, walked away with the first place trophy and $250 in 2013.  Who will it be this year? The contest begins at 6:30pm Thursday evening April 16, 2015 and will feature the Southern Illinois Productions Band.  We will have five trophies and $450 in total prize money to give away to the talented winners.

All you have to do to enter is have a paid admission ticket for Thursday and sign up at the Registration Desk. We will have a list of songs, country and gospel from which to choose. No sorry, you can’t play stump the band, you have to choose from our list!

Steel Players: We don’t have the list of all the local and regional players put together quite yet, but we can promise,  you will not be disappointed. Professional players who have confirmed to perform this year (of course always subject to their changing schedules) are:

Tommy Dodd            Steve Paloucek           Cowboy Eddie Long

Corky Owens             Mike McGee                          Pat Heller

Terry Bethel             Tyler Hall                               Zane King

Returning this year by special request

* Leona Williams and Ron Williams *

For general information: Call Cord Fitch at 618-927-3158 or Dave Flanagan at 618-267-0696

** Vendors Welcome! **

For Booth Information: Call Dave Flanagan at 618-267-0696 or Jeff Stoffel at 618-315-0543


Show Dates: April 16, 17, 18, 2015

Holiday Inn and Conference Center,

Mt. Vernon, IL

Reservations: 618 – 244 – 7100


Free Parking – Indoor Pool – Pet Friendly

Free Breakfast buffetW/room stay